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Feng Shui

 Black Hat Sect Feng Shui  

(Also Known as BTB or Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui)

Introduced into the United States in the late 1970's by His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin-Yun Rinpoche, founder and supreme leader of the contemporary Black Sect Tantric Buddhism at its fourth stage. The Black Hat Sect teachings are a synthesis of wisdom and shamanic teachings, rooted in both Tibetan Buddhism and the pre-Buddhist Bon religion of Tibet. It incorporates the essence of Taoism, Confucianism, Exoteric & Esoteric Buddhism, Eclecticism, Yin- Yang philosophy, I-Ching, Theory of Qi, Holistic Healing, Feng Shui, and Folkloric Studies.

The Black Hat Sect has also embraced many Western concepts, such as, urban planning, architecture, bau-biology, psychology, modern science, aromatherapy, color therapy, crystal therapy, etc., to enhance its e􏰁ffectiveness and reflect the needs of modern society. Black Hat Sect Feng Shui has adopted many of the traditional schools principles especially those of the Form School and has blended them with spirituality and contemporary tenets.

“Mankind uses the knowledge of different areas known to them at the time; to build, to create, or select their habitat, living and working environment, so that it may provide the most suitable conditions for their survival. The study of this knowledge is called Feng Shui”

-His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin Yun

What Distinguishes BTB Feng Shui From Classical Feng Shui?

  • Its approach to Feng Shui seeks to sense energy (Qi 氣) fields directly, of both the occupants and of the site.

  • Determines the Qi matrix of a site based on the entrance door position from which the Qi enters.

  • Importance is given to the surrounding areas closest to you, said to effect your Qi on a greater level.

  • Recognizes subjective, intangible forces (Yi), derived from one's intuition.

  • Strongly emphasizes intention, through Body (Mudra 手印), Speech (Mantra 口頭禪) and Mind (Visualization 可視化).

  • Applies transcendental cures to remedy "unseen forces" and adjust personal Qi (Ren Qi 人氣).

  • Implements meditation techniques and personal Qi adjustments for better health and well-being.

“Feng Shui deals with the close relationship between one’s well-being and his living and working environment. The knowledge of Feng Shui is the study of how to eliminate harmful impacts on one’s life and how to optimize one’s life by acquiring comfort and happiness from the environment.”

Her Holiness Master Khadro Crystal Chu Rinpoche

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